The Central Slovakia Cultural Centre

regional institution for non-professional culture and public education

The Central Slovakia Cultural Centre, Banská Bystrica

Stredoslovenské osvetové stredisko Banská Bystrica (SOSBB) is a regional institution for non-professional culture and public education which seeks to create the conditions for the development of local and regional cultures, to develop public interest in artistic and cultural activities, to preserve the cultural symbols of the region and to provide cultural and educational activities for citizens of all age groups and ethnicities.

It offers expert advice and methodological guidance in culture and education; prepares and implements cultural and educational programmes, develops projects and programmes in co-operation with the towns and villages in the region.
Activities include performances of music and dance, film screenings, art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, educational activities, folk culture and folk crafts.



  • territorial for the districts of Brezno and Banská Bystrica
  • methodological for the ROS of the Banská Bystrica Region

Target groups

  • children, youth and the general public
  • subjects of hobby artistic activity and non-professional artistic creation

Cultural services and activities

The Central Slovakia Cultural Centre:

    competitions, events, concerts and festivals aimed at promoting and developing interest in artistic activity and non-professional artistic creation in the field of theatre, visual arts (film, photo, video, visual arts), traditional culture, music, singing and artistic recitation
    and organizes workshops and creative workshops for subjects of non-professional artistic activity and non-professional artistic creation. Implements educational activities in the field of prevention of socio-pathological phenomena, ecological and regional education
    actively seeks, documents, archives, protects and mediates the manifestations of the intangible cultural heritage to the general public
    the local culture and its bearers in the district and region
    information on cultural and educational activities and creates an information database on the state and level of local culture within the territory of its competence
    to organizers of cultural and educational events related to their preparation and implementation


The Central Slovakia Cultural Centre, Banská Bystrica (SOSBB) originally the House of Culture was founded on September 3, 1952, and became the main organizer of cultural life in the district of Banská Bystrica (now the districts of Brezno and Banská Bystrica). Since its inception, the institution has changed its name several times and in 2002 also the seat. From the original building on Horná Street no. 21, the institution moved to the building on Dolná Street no. 35, which is included in the list of national cultural monuments. Originally a Renaissance burgher house was built on older foundations, as shown by archaeological finds of many Gothic tiles. These findings are proof that in the 15th century there was a workshop dealing with the production of tiles. After a fire in 1761, the building was rebuilt several times and the current appearance of the façade is from the 19th century.