Divadelná Chalupka

Divadelná ChalupkaBystrická Improliga

Inspirational theatre festival

This event is one of the biggest events we organize at SOS. The festival established in 2005 has gradually become an expected event in Horehronie. The main programs take place in the town of Brezno, but the festival was the first theatrical event that exported theatrical art to the surrounding villages of Horehronie.

The organizers of the festival pay attention to the selection of exceptional and inspiring productions of non-professional theatres of adults, youth, children's theatres, foreign guests. The program is supplemented every year by interesting performances of Slovak professional theatre.

In addition to the theatre, there are many opportunities for social gatherings of artists, amateurs and spectators with experts and each other during the festival days. At "Chalupka", young theatregoers have the opportunity to learn in the form of various creative workshops. 

The main organizer of the festival is The Central Slovakia Cultural Centre in Banská Bystrica. The co-organizers are the City of Brezno, DS J. Chalupka of the City of Brezno and its Youth Studio.