Sárova Bystrica

Competition of young moderators

The history of Sárová Bystrica began to be written in 1984. The original idea was backed by the then cultural and educational worker Eduard Dvorský and the director of the District Cultural Center in Banská Bystrica Ján Husárik. Both were looking for quality collaborators for this project. They turned to their acquaintances, experts on the word taken from Czechoslovak television and Czechoslovak radio in Banská Bystrica.

The competition, then still conferenceors and announcers, was intended to elevate the culture in the interpretation of the announcer, conference and moderator texts, to deepen the technique of their presentation and to give artists the opportunity to confront the results of their work, professional development and growth. These intentions have essentially remained to this day.

Over the years, some things have changed. Four competitive disciplines have been settled - reading the news text, interpreting the ad text, moderating the session and conducting the conversation. The age limit for competitors in two categories – 15-18 years and 19-25 years – was clearly set. The form of competition has also changed. Four teams are created by the draw (we call them broadcasting teams) which complete their performances throughout the competition.