Folk craft workshop

Since 1993, when the Workshop of Folk Crafts at the Central Slovak Cultural Center was established, we have tried to revive and maintain traditional crafts and original handicraft techniques applied in the past in the Horehronie, Pohronie and Podpolanie region. Throughout the year, we acquaint visitors, pupils and students of schools, the public, with folk art mastery.

Through creative workshops and courses, we uncover the original pottery, textiles, wirework, basketry, painting and many other techniques. We will also hand over the skills needed for traditional crafts as part of the educational process, regional and aesthetic education directly at schools.

From the beginning, we support our masters, popularize their activities and regularly bring them closer to children within the events MAJSTRI A DETI, PRÁZDNINOVÉ PATLANINKY. We are also an integral part of major cultural events and festivals.