Traditional culture

There is no doubt about the uniqueness of the folk culture of the Horehronia, Pohronia and Podpoľania regions in the context of Slovakia and the world. From this fact derives our diverse activity connected with the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage. We search, document, archive, process and present manifestations of traditional culture. We help to advance the activities and creation of amateur folklore subjects.

We organize competitions and festivals, prepare inspiring programs and concerts, revive traditional crafts. We make creative craft workshops, and professional lectures, we train choreographers, dance, music and voice teachers, leaders of folklore groups. We pass on knowledge and skills from the field of traditional dance, music-singing, artistic and spiritual culture, as well as folk art mastery to the general non-professional and professional public. 

We bring the work of artists from the various parts of our region, the whole of Slovakia and abroad at big festivals -  HOREHRONSKÉ DNI SPEVU A TANCA, OZVENY STAROSLOVIENČINY POD KRÁĽOVOU HOĽOU, BYSTRICKÁ FOLKLÓRNA HARAVARA, competitions -  NOSITELIA TRADÍCIÍ, PASOVAČKA and other various events.

Spring salon

Competition salon for non-professional fine art in the Banská Bystrica-Brezno region